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Secrets of the pharaohs revealed – Sherif Shaban



“For thousands of years ago till today, the ancient Egyptian civilization continued to fascinate travelers, scholars and more others who try to reveal its secrets, until that civilization turned into a great mysterious one.

Let me take you through an interesting journey to discover the secrets of ancient Egypt, as an attempt to navigate into the depths of this exciting civilization and to reveal its most enigmatic sides, such as the story of king Khufu and the secrets of the Great Pyramid, the mystery of the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, the legend of Tutankhamun, the mysterious death of Queen Cleopatra and other secrets and mysteries.

Special thanks to Mrs Libby Bergstorm for revising the book and to my friend Mahmoud Mustafa Abo-Zaid for his help and assistance, and Shaimaa Elsayed for her efforts designing the book’s layout”.


Author: Sherif Shaban
Preface: Zahi Hawass
Publishing: Harmakis Edizioni
Language: English


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